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Voting Representatives

2015 Voting Representatives and Alternates


Section Neighborhood Name Voting Member Alternate
1 Arbor Landing Claudio Sanchez None
2 Brookwood Trail Amanda Amadis None
3 Vistas Lee Lara Sandra Tognetti
7 Village Park Ben Gibbs None
12 Lost Creek James Owens Tyson Wynia
4N P1 & P2 Woodhaven  Jennifer Meiners None
4S Woodhaven  Heidi Chiappardi None
5A Woodcreek Trail Debora Harris Adriana Russell
5B Woodcreek Trail Matt Burkhard None
6A Stonehill Mohammed Moussa None
6B Stonehill Mari Hunziker None
8A & C Parkwood A & C Sherry Cowan None
8B & D Parkwood B & D Michelle Meyers None
9E Somerset  Tyler Wolkenhauer None
9S P1 & P2 Somerset  Ray Brown None
9W Somerset  Tom Kost None
FPBE Falcon Pointe Blvd Ext Tom Kost None
16 Parkline Trail Jonathan Carter None
13PA Copperleaf Aaron Laughlin Veronica Jones
13PB Copperleaf Krisztina Comeau None