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Pool Monitors & Lifeguards

Pool Monitior and lifeguards begin Sat. May 24 through Sept. 1

Monitor Responsibilities:

  • Monitor pool gate to ensure only residents in possession of their ID card and access card to gain entry
  • Monitor to control access of minors unaccompanied by an adult
  • Monitor pool area for glass containers
  • Watch for activities that create a dangerous situation for others

NOTE: For the purposes of effective gate monitoring, we will be limiting one gate to an exit only – all patrons should enter through the gate where the monitor is stationed.

Lifeguards Responsibilities:

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Supervise the pool area.
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of all patrons.
  • Enforce all rules in a professional manner.
  • Respond to emergencies.
  • Care for injuries, sudden illnesses, and other medical emergencies: give first aid, CPR, oxygen, etc.

** Adult Swim Policy**

Please be aware that when lifeguards are on duty there will be a 10 minute adult swim called. Adult swim will occur for the last 10 minutes of every hour. Children under the age of 16 must remain out of the water at pools for the entire 10 minutes. This is a safety measure, to protect members and staff. Below are some of the reasons behind this policy.
• Swimming exhausts children and they need some time to rest every hour so fatigue will not set in.
• Lifeguards require a break from scanning large crowds to remain vigilant of swimmer safety.
• This provides children time to go to the bathroom.
• It gives patrons a chance to hydrate properly and administer sunscreen.



 We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with both the lifeguards and monitors– they are working to make your amenity environment more enjoyable.