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Landscape & Xeriscaping


In Texas our most precious natural resource is not oil or natural gas, it is WATER. In the coming years and decades, this will become the prevailing view of both city and state leaders. It is an inevitability.

The age of vast expanses of green lawns is coming to an end as the climate changes and the aquifers are stressed. Future landscapes will be designed around the principle of saving water. This is where Xeriscaping steps in.

The essence of Xeriscaping is the replacement of these non-native species in favor of local plants that are drought and disease tolerant and reducing the area of lawn to a manageable size that can be watered efficiently.

There are seven principles on which Xeriscaping is based:

  • Planning and design
  • Soil analysis
  • Practical turf areas
  • Appropriate plant selection
  • Efficient irrigation
  • Use of mulches
  • Appropriate maintenance

Falcon Pointe Xeriscape Policy

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