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Brush & Limb Pickup

Please visit http://utilitybilling.pflugervilletx.gov/trash-recycling/chipping-program for the most up to date information.

chipping workersThe City of Pflugerville offers chipping service to all residential Pflugerville utility customers every other week. Put your chipping curbside for pickup. No call necessary.

For customers with piles larger than the approved pickup size, or those not wanting to wait on the curbside pickup, the city operates a brush and recycling center at 15500 Sun Light Near Way where utility customers can drop off brush and limbs. Please bring your most recent utility bill when visiting the recycle center. The center is open from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Monday. 

Chipping guidelines:

  • Put your brush pile out before 8 a.m. on the Monday of your neighborhood's scheduled week. It will be picked-up any day within your scheduled week.
  • Pile size limit: 10 feet long X 4 feet high.  
  • Residential use only. 
  • Stack the limbs/brush in an accessible area on your property as close to the street as possible, not in the street or blocking a sidewalk, with the cut side facing the street. City employees are not authorized to enter private property to collect limbs.
  • Limbs/branches can be up to 9” in diameter, but no longer than 4 feet in length. (Small bundles of limbs and brush cut in 4 feet lengths may be placed in your garbage or tied together in small bundles and placed next to the trash cart for pickup by the trash collection contractor.) Brush piles cannot exceed 10 feet in length per address.
  • No brush or shrubs with thorns (brush or shrubs with thorns may be taken to the recycle center)
  • No landscaping materials, pickets or any items with nails.
  • No brown recyclable bags
  • Vehicles must not block access to the brush pile.
  • Crews no longer go down alleys to pick up items. The brush must be set out in front of a home.
  • The chipping service cannot operate in wet weather conditions. Staff will attempt to re-evaluate the schedule to allow for pick-up on the streets missed on rainy days.
  • See example below:

Size of Chipping Piles

Lawn Clipping Pickup

If you bag your lawn clippings, please put them out on your trash day. The city's chipping machine cannot accept bagged leaves and twigs, even in the brown recyclable bags. To recycle, drop the bags off at the Pflugerville Recycle Center at 15500 Sun Light Near Way.

Contact Pflugerville Public Works Department at 512-990-6400.

The curbside brush and limb pickup service is not available for commercial businesses