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Fall/Winter Mow Schedule


Mow schedule and practice on Bermuda Grass for the fall/winter season:


Begin lowering the mowing height at an increment of 0.25” per week. This process commenced during the week of 10/7.


Continue to lower the mowing height at an increment of 0.25” per week until the turf is 1.5”-1.75” ht..


Maintain 1.5”-1.75” height.

Turf should begin to go dormant and change color. At this time, all winter weeds should be very visible and spot treatment can begin.


Turf are dormant and yellow. Winter weeds are obvious and spot treated.

Begin lowing the mowing height to reach 0.75”-1”. Some scalping may occur if the soil level is uneven.

Pre-emergent to start during the last week of January (weather permitting).


Turf at 0.75”-1” and Pre-emergent will be done before the second week of February (weather permitting).


Begin raising mowing height at an increment of 0.25” per week.

This sequence is developed to promote healthy growth of the Bermuda grass and at same time to gradually remove the infestation of St. Augustine grass as the St. Augustine grass cannot survive the cut back process while Bermuda grass can thrive with this condition. This process will also allow us to identify weeds in the winter while the Bermuda is dormant (yellow) and can spot treat with Round-Up. Lastly, this process will remove thatch and allow for better results with Pre-Emergent for spring weeds.