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1. Q : How far in advance can I book a reservation?

A: You can book a reservation for up to 90 days in advance. Reservations for the clubhouse and pavilion book up quickly during summer months, so please be sure to plan ahead! Reservations are booked on a first come, first served basis.

2. Q: What times are available for reservation?

A: Reservations for the Gathering Room may be made from 10am-2pm, 2pm-6pm or 6pm-10pm, and for the Pavilion 10am-1pm or 6pm-9pm. Please note that some days/times may not be available due to regularly scheduled community group meetings (ex: Wine Club or Bunco) or Community Events.

3. Q: How much does it cost to reserve the clubhouse?

A: The rental fee for the indoor clubhouse is $75 plus a $300 (refundable) deposit; the rental fee for the pavilion is $75 plus a $200 (refundable) deposit.

4. Q: How many guests are allowed to swim during my party?

A: In order to have a swim party, you must reserve the pavilion and you may have pool access for up to 35 guests.

5. Q: How do I make a reservation or check availability?

A: To check availability, look at the online reservation calendar and reserve your event online. Once you have requested a date/time, you will receive an email from Management stating your reservation has been approved. Please drop off alcohol fee/deposit check(s). Click here to downlod form

6. Q: Are non-residents/outside groups allowed to reserve the clubhouse/pavilion?

A:   Only residents who are in good standing may reserve the clubhouse/pavilion. Falcon Pointe Neighborhood Groups who wish to use the clubhouse/pavilion must be comprised of at least 75% Falcon Pointe residents. In the interest of keeping good community relationships, management will occasionally allow groups from MES, KLMS, HHS to use the clubhouse/pavilion. 

7. Q When and where do I get my key for the Gathering room and Wristbands for my event? 

A. Please come the week of your event to obtain your key or wristbands. Office hours are 9:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday. We are also closed on the weekends and all National Holidays. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 512-670-1400 or email falconpointeoffice@goodwintx.com

           **Reminders**-- Alcohol is not permitted unless the "Request to Serve Alcohol" portion of the Facility Reservation form is completed and approved by management. Smoking is permitted only in the designated "Smoking Area" located at the side courtyard of the Residents' Club. Attaching decorations to the walls and doors or any other painted surfaces is not permitted; balloons are not permitted.  This applies to the pavilion as well.  Please do not tape decorations to the freshly painted wrought iron fencing around the pavilion or pool area. The Hosting Resident(s) will be responsible for cleaning the Residents' Club or pavilion AND the parking lot.