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PETS - Lost and Found

Is your pet missing? Or have you found a pet? You can now post that information here to get the information out to the community quicker. Remember to please include your contact information. ALSO, the Pflugerville Animal Shelter now posts pictures of lost pets that are brought to the shelter. Please look at  
www.facebook.com/pflugervilleslostpets if you have a lost a pet.

Volunteers post pictures on Mondays and Thursdays.

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Adrian huh
Pflugerville TX
9/5/2019 1:54 PM CTZ 
" Reliable and friendly dog walker. We live in Woodhaven and love pets. If you need a Dog walker or someone to check up on your pet please email me at huh.adrian@gmail.com Typical cost is $10 /15 minutes. We can walk/drive your pet to the Woodhaven dog park or just walk your dog, feed, play..checkup on your pet.etc. Available hours are Mon-Fri 6:30pm -9:00pm Weekends Sat and Sun 8:am - 9:30am and 7pm -9pm cell: 512-six, nine, four - 9703 -Adrian  "

April White
7/9/2019 7:52 PM CTZ 
" Found lost dog on Barley Field Pass on July 1st. He is a small boxer mix, brindle color with a white face and paws. Has a black nylon collar but no tags or microchip. He is very skinny, maybe 30 pounds and about 1-2 years old. Please call/text 512-751-8951 if you recognize him. "

Martha Martinez
12/1/2018 6:15 PM CTZ 
" Halle is back home!! One of the neighbors found her & were knocking on doors trying to find her owner!! "

Martha Martinez
Falcon Pointe
11/30/2018 2:56 PM CTZ 
" Lost my dog this morning around 9:30. Toy Yorkie - Black with brown on her face. Her name is Halle & she’s very old. Pls call 512-739-0721 "

Queen Myers
Pflugerville, TX
9/30/2018 6:33 PM CTZ 
" FOUND: Our neighbors on Boulder Creek found Zaxter and posted a picture of him on NEXTDOOR. Thanks to Gabby and NEXTDOOR. We love our neighbors! "

Queen Myers
Pflugerville, TX
9/30/2018 5:43 PM CTZ 
" LOST: Welsh Terrier (brown/black). Very Friendly. One year old. Answers to Zax or Zaxter. 512-933-0406 or 512-554-6130. Falcon Pointe "

John Lopez
9/2/2018 11:36 PM CTZ 
" Lost Brown/Brindle Pitbull mix no collar. His name is Lobo. Please contact us if found. 512-986-2999. "

8/29/2018 3:32 PM CTZ 
" White shaggy dog hanging out on our front porch -- no tags or collar. "

8/4/2018 8:38 AM CTZ 
" White and black shaggy dog lost on Wind Valley Way. Our back gate was open and he got out. Our kids are looking for him. Please call/text 512-426-5766 if you have seen him. "

corey koger
5/18/2018 6:43 AM CTZ 
" Grey (brown) and black cat lost on corner of falcon pointe drive and Dusty Chisolm Trail. Friendly, no collar. Please respond to post if you see her 512-587-4743. " "

Bikram Pandher
Falcon Point,Pflugerville
5/17/2018 12:04 PM CTZ 
" We lost black and brown dachshund named Lucky. Please call us 5124841462. "

Carolina Mancia
Pflugerville, TX
3/19/2018 12:55 PM CTZ 
" We lost our dog Canela yesterday evening during the storm, she is a dark brown Chihuahua. We live on Village View Loop. We are all very sad and miss her very much. If you have any information please call me at 512-364-6685 "

Falcon pointe , pflugerville
3/17/2018 7:37 PM CTZ 
" 5129937589 "

Falcon pointe, pflugerville
3/17/2018 7:35 PM CTZ 
" Found a brown dog with white chest. Has a colorful collar but no tags "

3/2/2018 6:49 AM CTZ 
" Grey (brown) and black cat found on corner of falcon pointe drive and Dusty Chisolm Trail. Friendly, no collar. Please respond to post if this is your cat. "

Juan Lopez
2/24/2018 5:37 PM CTZ 
" We lost our dog in Falcon Pointe. His collar tag broke off. He is brindle color and his name is "Lobo". Please call us if you find him 512-986-2999 or 512-300-3509 "

Bikram Pandher
10/18/2017 5:33 PM CTZ 
" Hello, We lost our dog (Lucky). He is black dachshund. Please call or text 512-4964225 or 512-4841462. "

Pflugerville, TX
8/4/2017 3:23 PM CTZ 
" Lost australian cattle dog light tan and white with light blue eyes please call (512)809-7641 if found!! "

Pflugerville, TX
6/24/2017 10:46 PM CTZ 
" We lost our dog in the Falcon Pointe subdivision near Grand Mission Way and Falcon Pointe BLVD. She is a black and tan Chihuahua and Dachshund mix and weighs 5-6 pounds. She doesn't have a collar on. Her name is Ginger. Please call 361-230-0077 if you have found her. Thank you! "

Pflugerville, TX
5/11/2017 10:04 AM CTZ 
" Found! Adult black and white husky near the ponds in Falcon Pointe near Murchison Ridge and Secluded Willow Cove. Has a collar, but no contact information. Looks like an indoor dog. Will take to the Pflugerville Animal Center after 11AM this morning. Call (512) 983-6958 if yours! "

Ana Lopez
Pflugerville, TX
5/11/2017 8:00 AM CTZ 
" We lost our dog last night. He is brown and his name is LOBO. His tag label fell off! Please if you see him, call me to 512-986-2999 "

Jonathan Smith
Pflugerville TX- Alison Ann Ct
4/13/2017 10:33 PM CTZ 
" Please call or email if you see a white male cat with blue eyes (tan ears and tail) in or around Falcon Pointe, it has been gone since April 13. Thank you very much. Jonathan.smith.g1@gmail.com (512) 239-0035 "

Beth and Mark 
Pflugerville TX
3/17/2017 3:23 PM CTZ 
" Fuzzy has been found!!!! Thanks to everyone who kept an eye out! "

Beth and Mark 
Pflugerville, TX Falcon Pointe
3/16/2017 6:27 PM CTZ 
" Please call if find LOST DOG. Name is Fuzzy and is on tag on her collar. Black Husky mix. Call 858-208-7661. Missing from Barley Field Pass about 6pm today. "

Pflugerville, TX
2/28/2017 8:49 PM CTZ 
" Our daughter saw an apparently lost dog on her way home from school today, on Hidden Lake Crossing heading towards Peach Blossom. She said the dog had a tag labeled Skipper. She was alone and couldn't take him with her. Good luck! "

Brady McDougal
Pflugerville, TX
2/27/2017 5:57 PM CTZ 
" FOUND DOGS Small, one white and one black dog found wandering this evening in Falcon Pointe / Blackhawk area north of Kelly Lane. No tags, just flea collars. If one or both belong to you, please contact me at 512-902-8023. See a picture here "

Nicholas Adamek
Falcon Pointe, near Open Plain
2/22/2017 11:42 AM CTZ 
" I was recently informed that we need to pull down the lost cat fliers that we posted on the mailboxes last weekend. First off, I'm disgusted with the member of the board who completely lacks compassion and human decency. I hope you some day lose one of your animals and experience the frustration one feels when some self righteous douche impede the search for your pet. Our cat is a very large (long and big but not fat) short hair, black cat with a small white mark on his chest. His name is Miles, and I can be reached at danacap@gmail.com or via call or text at 916-761-0812. Thanks!  "

john helmcamp
Falcon Village-Gold Holly Road
1/11/2017 2:33 PM CTZ 
" Lost Siamese Mix cat. Female. White feet blue eyes. went missing sometime monday Jan 9th Contact John @ 5126190330 if found Thanks. "

Sinni Medina
Falcon Pointe Stonehill area
12/19/2016 9:12 PM CTZ 
" Lost green/yellow with some blue parakeet. Flew out of cage on Saturday Dec. 17 due to windy weather. If found or seen please contact sinjaz2913@yahoo.com "

Falcon Pointe near KLMS
12/14/2016 8:48 PM CTZ 
" Dog found - female, short hair, tan with light brown on back, approximately 45-50 lbs. Possibly yellow lab / shepherd mix. Contact # 512-797-0990 (Trey) "

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